Purpose of a Portable Storage Building

At our place we don't have room in the garage anymore,
It's so packed you can't see the floor.

A generator, blower, weed whip and lawn mower,
Up north Uncle Bob has something called a snow blower.

An extra computer,
and Mom's 14 year old motor scooter.

Shovels, rakes, hoses, a go cart, wood and more,
Why is Dad saving 18 old aluminum doors?

Chairs, tables, collectibles and kitchen stuff,
There just isnt room enough.

Grandpa needs a place to fix things that are broken,
"Better than new" he says and he's not jokin'.

The answer is simple - it's in your head
A portable building, also called a shed.

We'll paint it - how about... fire engine red.

We could move this shed around,
Just pick the spot on the ground.

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Rain and wind won't get in

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